Northfield - parks, waterways & open spaces

This feature looks at places in Northfield where you can enjoy the many parks, waterways & open spaces. Enjoy!

Victoria Common Recreation Ground, Northfield.

A lovely open space and recreation ground hidden behind the Northfield Shopping Centre just a short distance away from the Northfield High Street on Bristol Road South. Go HERE for more.

Photo by Elliott Brown


Manor Park Farm, Northfield

Manor Farm Park, Northfield with its 50 acres of public open space with woodlands, meadows and a lake is most definitely a gem of a green space with so much to enjoy. 

Photo by Friends of Manor Park Farm


Rea Valley Route, Northfield

Photo by Eliott Brown


The River Rea at The Mill Walk. The River Rea runs through Northfield on its way from its source to the North Sea.

Photo by Elliott Brown


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