Introducing Northfield BID (Business Improvement District)

Northfield's 200+ businesses set up Northfield BID (Business Improvement District) in order to work together with others to promote and improve the town centre.

Northfield BID is operated by a not-for-profit company, led by a board of business directors representing different sectors.

They have set themselves the following objectives.

  • Improving Northfield: Improving the visual and physical appearance of Northfield "high street".

  • Protecting Northfield: Working with public and private partners to provide a safe and secure Northfield "high street".

  • Promoting Northfield: Marketing and promoting Northfield Town Centre in a positive light, in order to capitalise upon the "high street's" "retail plus offer", its services, activities and all the benefits of visiting the town centre. 

  • Supporting Northfield: Providing support, guidance and advice for BID businesses, as well as continuing to influence the decision makers ensuring Northfield BID businesses have their issues and concerns raised, working towards a resolution.   

View the Northfield BID website HERE.

Marcia Greenwood MIPM is the Northfield Town Centre BID Manager

​Mobile: 07921 818 828



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